Orange, Sweet Essential Oil - 100% Pure
Orange, Sweet Essential Oil - 100% Pure
Orange, Sweet Essential Oil - 100% Pure
Orange, Sweet Essential Oil - 100% Pure

Orange, Sweet Essential Oil - 100% Pure

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  SWEET ORANGE Essential Oil.   “Food of the Gods”.   
100% pure, natural, Organic, Sweet Orange Essential Oil 15 mls/0.5 oz.   
Unadulterated, Unfiltered, Undiluted, Vegan.   No: fillers, additives, bases, or carriers added. Paraben free, cruelty free.

  • Latin name: Citrus sinensis
  • Family: Rutaceae
  • Plant part: Peel
  • Extraction Method: Cold pressed expression
  • Farming method: Certified Organic
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Size: 15 mls

A bright, cheerful, sweet, fresh scent enjoyed by young children through grandparents and all ages in between.

Used historically to help:

  • CALM feelings of nervous tension and anxiety, has a mild sedative effect; tonic to the nervous system
  • UPLIFT the spirit, great for helping to reduce symptoms of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), or “winter blues”, though if these symptoms persist or get worse see a licensed healthcare professional.
  • EASE symptoms of sluggish digestion, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea
  • REDUCE inflammation in the tissue. Has also been used to help bring down mild fever
  • SOOTHE problem skin conditions such as acne and chapped or dry skin
  • FIGHT germs with its antiseptic properties
Some Methods of Use Include:
  • Diffusion: 3-4 drops/100 mls (1/2 oz) water in a diffuser to lift the spirits, calm your mood, or purify the air
  • Bath/Shower: add 3-8 drops either on its own, or first blended into 1 Tablespoon of milk, honey or carrier oil, to a tub full of water to help you relax, or when feeling down. Soak for about 20 min for full effect. Add a few drops to unscented shower gel on a shower puff before cleansing
  • Topical Application: must be well diluted. 1-2 drops blended into 1 teaspoon, (5 mls), carrier oil, or unscented cream or lotion for application and for gentle massage with digestive issues or inflammation. Reduce to 0.5% - 1% if applying to the face.  

    Blends well with: Woody (sandalwood), floral (geranium) and spicy scents, (rosemary), as well as other citrus essential oils. Sweet Orange is a great choice to add to almost any blend.  
    Fragrance note: Top
    Composition: Mainly limonene.  
    Cautions: Do not take essential oils internally.  

    Most citrus essential oils, including sweet orange, make the skin photosensitive. This means they attract and increase the effects of UV rays on the skin, possibly causing pigmentation. This includes natural as well as simulated sunlight, such as that used in tanning salons. When applying citrus essential oils to the skin, they need to be well diluted, (0.5% – 2% max.), in carrier oil, lotion, or cream and you should not expose unprotected skin, (where the citrus oil was applied), to the sun for at least 24 hrs following application. Citrus essential oils should be used within 6 months after opening.  

    Please read our 'How to Use' page for important information before using essential oils and for more detailed instructions.