Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil - 100% Pure
Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil - 100% Pure
Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil - 100% Pure
Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil - 100% Pure

Grapefruit, Pink Essential Oil - 100% Pure

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PINK GRAPEFRUIT Essential Oil. 'Citrus Paradise'.  

100% pure, natural, HopeWind Health's Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil,   15 mls/0.5 oz.  

Unadulterated, Unfiltered, Undiluted, Vegan. No: fillers, additives, bases, or carriers added. Paraben free, cruelty free

Latin name: Citrus paradisi

Family: Rutaceae

Plant part: Peel

Extraction method: Cold pressed expression

Farming method: conventional

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Size: 15 mls

Description: A sweet, light, beautifully refreshing aroma, that instantly pleases the senses.

Used historically to help:

  • REVIVE the spirits. Works particularly well in reduction of symptoms associated with “winter blues”, or S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • REDUCE water retention and cellulitis
  • DECREASE appetite and lethargy as well as muscle pain
  • PROMOTE healthy circulation of blood and lymph
  • REINFORCE the immune system and confidence
  • TONE and cleanse the skin; tonic to the liver and to the nervous system
  • ENCOURAGE sluggish digestion and weight loss *additional information below

Some methods of use include:

  • Diffuser: 4-8 drops/100 mls (1/2 oz) water, or to a pot of steaming water, once removed from heat to refresh your room and your mood
  • Inhale: place 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and breathe in to help enjoy the sweet scent or to help decrease appetite
  • Bath: 4-8 drops in 1 TBSP honey, milk or apple cider vinegar, then to a full tub of water to lift the spirits and invigorate your tired weary muscles. Soak 20 min.
  • Shower: add 2 drops grapefruit, 2 drops cypress and 1 drop lemon to shower puff with unscented shower gel, quickly scrub, then rinse, to help decrease cellulite
  • Skin application: must be diluted, 2 drops/1 tsp (5mls) carrier oil applied to chest area to help settle nervous exhaustion, stress, or fatigue. Up to 6 drops/1 Tablespoon (15 mls) carrier oil, unscented cream or lotion, applied to skin after a bath or shower, or for a body massage. 1 drop to 1 tsp (5mls) unscented face wash, cream, or lotion, for a healthy glow
  • Blends well with: other citrus oils, cedarwood, sandalwood, cypress, ginger, palmarosa, lavender and geranium

Fragrance note: Top

Composition: approximately 84% limonene, pinene, sabinene, myrcene, citronellol, decanol, linalool, geraniol, terpinen-4-ol and nootkatone.

Cautions: Like most essential oils, Grapefruit should be diluted before applying to the skin. However, unlike other citrus essential oils, grapefruit is not considered phototoxic, which means it does not amplify the effects of sunlight on the skin by any great measure. If you apply diluted grapefruit essential oil to your skin before spending time in the sun, use of your usual sunscreen, (with SPF 15/30 or higher), will keep harmful effects of the sun at bay. Like all citrus essential oils, use within 6 months of opening.

Clinical studies completed on essential oils were difficult to locate when I was a student of Aromatherapy, more than 20 yrs ago. Today, more clinical studies are available but not abundant as compared to conventional drug studies, as the funding made available for the study of natural health care, does not compare to the vast sums invested in conventional western medicine. Luckily, the interest in natural health options as a part of overall well being, as well as, the side effects and decrease in optimal functioning of some medications, (as in some antibiotics not working as well as they did previously, etc.), has the medical community beginning to look elsewhere for effective alternatives. As this interest increases we will see more studies on essential oils taking place internationally and their results will be peer reviewed and published which is invaluable for the field of health care, and essential oil enthusiasts alike.

*Grapefruit and it's Essential Oil have long been used to help reduce appetite and for weight loss.

The information below, is the best example we could locate of the comprehensive findings of a clinical study on grapefruit, that is easy to understand and discusses biological processes, concerning the effects of grapefruit essential oil on weight loss.

Researchers from Japan evaluated how olfactory stimulation, (smelling the aroma of grapefruit essential oil), effects autonomic nerves, lipolysis, (fat metabolism) and appetite and this is what they discovered:

  • The scent of grapefruit oil excites specific sympathetic nerves that supply the brown adipose tissue and adrenal glands which help stimulate weight loss.

  • Smelling grapefruit oil slows down the parasympathetic gastric nerve, which is the body's primary mechanism of stimulating ghrelin-induced feeding, (the body's natural process that gives people the munchies)

  • Local anesthesia of the nasal passages using xylocaine eliminated these changes which highlights that the essential oil vapor must reach the brain to be effective

  • Additionally, plasma glycerol levels were elevated which is a sign of weight loss as energy stores are metabolized into glucose

  • Finally, body fat is broken down by the enzymes found in grapefruit.

Ultimately, this unbelievable study showed that just three 15-minute exposures to grapefruit essential oil each week reduced appetite and body weight!”

The quoted information above comes from Dr. Axe's website