Cumin Ground, Organic
Cumin Ground, Organic
Cumin Ground, Organic

Cumin Ground, Organic

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Organic Ground Cumin - 75 grams.  

Our Organic Ground Cumin is bursting with flavour and freshness.  
Cumin and its wonderful earthy warm flavour making it the second most used spice on the planet behind black pepper.  
Cumin is one of the cornerstones of the spice world, used by humans for thousands of years influencing cuisines for generations for a good reason, it tastes wonderful.
Cumin Seeds come from the herb known by the Latin name of Cuminum cyminum which grows native from the Mediterranean all the way to India.
Cuminum cyminum is an annual herb that grows to be about a foot tall and is native to China, Mexico, India and the Mediterranean. Its seeds are yellow-brown in colour and they are harvested by hand. White or pink flowers blossom on the cumin plant during its three to four month growing period during the hot summers. The small, flat seeds provide a peppery flavour that is used in Mexican dishes, as well as in combination with curry in Indian and Middle Eastern food. Some southern Chinese cooks use cumin to give unique flavours their dishes. Cumin is similar to caraway, coming from the same family of herbs, but has a stronger and coarser flavour and texture.

Sauté vegetables and toss with ground cumin for a tasty vegetarian dish. Cumin is great sprinkled on rice and beans to give extra flavour. In Eastern cultures, cumin is mixed with black pepper and honey as an aphrodisiac but this combination is also tasty when put on fish, chicken and vegetables.

Roasts can be spiced with Cumin. It can be combined with fruit and sweet-flavored root vegetables and used to season a pork or beef roast. Chili typically uses cumin spice to flavor the beans and meat. To add a spicy accent to hot dishes that feature chili peppers, you can mix ground cumin with sour cream to use as a garnish on hot food. The sour cream, or any dairy product, will subdue the heat of the chili peppers if they begin to burn your tongue and makes eating the dish more enjoyable.

Salads get a flavor boost with the addition of ground cumin. You can make a salad that features corn, beans, cheese, and add some chicken to it, then pour over it an oil and vinegar dressing that has cumin added.

If you like to barbecue, you will certainly want to keep a spice rub on hand for flavoring meats for the grill. You can make a wonderful spice rub using cumin, onion and garlic powders, black pepper and smoked paprika and any other other spices of your choosing, to rub into chicken or pork, 15 min – 2 hrs before placing on the grill.

Rice dishes can be seasoned with ground cumin. Cook rice with your choice of broth instead of water, for extra flavour. To turn your rice into a vegetarian main dish, beans may be added. Organic black turtle beans are particularly flavourful. Try pairing them with Organic Brown Basmati, or a mix of Organic Long Grain Brown and Wild Canadian, Rices.
Organic Dried Pinto beans cooked and prepared with cumin make fabulous refried beans.
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Storage Advice:
“How long do spices last?”

Depends on both the type of spice and the conditions under which they are stored. Correctly dried and stored spices do not actually spoil. But over time, they will lose their potency, aroma and flavour.

As a general rule, ground spices begin to lose the potency of their aroma and flavour in about 6 months. Gently smell before using, to assess the freshness of your spices. You'll want to replace ground spices after about 1 yr. You can also store in the freezer if you can keep spices air tight. This may extend the freshness of your spices for a few months, but they are always best when kept current and used at room temperature.

Here are some tips for maximising the shelf life of your spices:
• Store in an airtight container.
• Store in a cool, dark cupboard.
• Store away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture.
• Keep lid tightly closed when not in use.

Gluten Free
Salt Free
Sugar Free