Black Turtle Beans, Organic
Black Turtle Beans, Organic
Black Turtle Beans, Organic
Black Turtle Beans, Organic

Black Turtle Beans, Organic

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Organic Black Turtle Beans - 500 grams.  

Our Organic Black Turtle Bean is a small, shiny variety of black bean. Nutritious and delicious when freshly cooked, it is found in countless international dishes.
Organic Black Turtle Beans are dense beans which hold their shape and colour during cooking. These jet black beans have a full meaty texture, are versatile and a favourite with vegetarians.
Organic Black Turtle Beans are more than just a colourful addition to your plate. They are a highly nutritious and tasty pulse, high in protein, so great to include in plant based diets.
Just 70 g of cooked Organic Black Turtle Beans are a good source of both potassium and phosphorus. Their black colour signifies a unique anthocyanin profile, which includes antioxidant properties and they are rich in a range of nutrients including folate, a B vitamin, which may contribute to better energy levels and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Black Turtle Beans are native to the Americas and especially popular in Latin American cuisine, though can also be found in Cajun and Creole cooking in South Louisiana. They have also been introduced around the world and are commonly used in Punjabi cooking. Black Turtle Beans are used interchangeably with vigna mungo in countries such as the USA. They are often simply called black beans, although this can cause confusion with other varieties of black beans.

Organic Black Turtle Beans have a dense, meaty, texture which makes them popular in vegetarian dishes such as Frijoles Negros in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and elsewhere in Latin America and in the North American, Black Bean Burrito.
They are common in various regions of Brazillian cuisine and are used in their national dish, Feijoada. The Black Turtle Bean is the main ingredient in Moros y Cristianos in Cuba, and is a must have in soups. In Cuba, Black Bean Soup is a traditional dish usually served alongside white rice. Black Turtle Beans are a required ingredient in the typical Gallo Pinto in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In the Dominican Republic, Black Turtle Beans are used for a variation of Moros y Cristianos, called Moros de habichuelas negras. They are fundamental to Pabellon Criollo in Venezuela and served in many Latin American communities in the United States and Canada.
Try them in Chili or Bean Salad.

To cook, soak for at least 6 hrs. With a ration of 3 Cups water to 1 Cup beans. Drain, rinse and boil 10–15 min, Then simmer until soft, approx 40 min.

Dried beans can last for years. They are best kept sealed and stored in a dark place, without moisture, at less than 24 degrees C / 75 degrees F.
Freshly cooked beans, should be stored in a container with a tight fitting lid and kept in the refrigerator. They will keep fresh this way for up to 1 week.
You can also freeze cooked beans in an air tight container to keep them for up to 6 months.
Some benefits of proper food storage include: eating healthier, cutting food costs and helping the environment by avoiding waste.