Black Rice, Ancient Organic
Black Rice, Ancient Organic
Black Rice, Ancient Organic

Black Rice, Ancient Organic

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Organic Ancient Black Rice - 500 grams for $7.99 by Earths

GLUTEN FREE - Black Rice is naturally gluten-free grain, which is a medium-grain, non-glutinous heirloom rice. It has a dark purplish-black color with a nutty, slightly sweet flavor.

Ancient Black Rice is a dark, short grain that was once consumed only by emperors and referred to as "forbidden rice”. 

Ancient Black Rice is a good source of protein, fiber, and iron, black rice is especially high in several antioxidants.

Contains the plant compound anthocyanin.  Anthocyanins are a group of flavonoid plant pigments that are responsible for the purple color of black rice, as well as several other plant based foods like blueberries and purple sweet potatoes.

At only 140 calories per serving, high in protein and fiber. Black rice is a complex carbohydrate that better works to fuel your body longer, without raising your sugar levels. Black rice is also a heart healthy food, since it is high in antioxidants and does not lose its outer layer during the milling process. As a whole grain retaining all of its nutritional value, our Ancient Black Rice is a health-conscious addition to your PANTRY.

Black rice can be prepared in the traditional boiling method. The color of black rice transforms from a rich, satin black to a deeply set purple. Its flavor profile is comparable to that of whole grain rice: a little firmer, nutty, and complex in taste over white rice.

For optimum freshness keep in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Store in a tightly sealed container. Please note, our packaging is biodegrable, and is not suitable for long term storage. We suggest you transfer your products to a sealed container upon receipt.